Optimization & Validation of LC/MS Methods, Mar 28-Apr 27, 2017

  • Item #: OptVal_LCMS_Mar2017

Since the beginning of this century, LC/MS has rapidly evolved with new interfaces, new mass analyzers, and new software. These developments have made LC/MS accessible to all analytical chemists and have allowed what was once a research tool to move into product development and quality assurance laboratories. It is easy to see that LC/MS will become an important tool in quality control and in manufacturing in the near future.

With these new capabilities, come new responsibilities. LC/MS users must not simply develop “one-off” methods, but must ensure that the technology can be used in regulated environments, complying with GLP and GMP standards and satisfying regulatory agency requirements. This course will focus on the technology of LC/MS, and take a detailed look at method development all the while discussing these topics in the context of quality systems and method validation.

This course will be conducted live-on-the-web March 28- April 27, 2017 with two sessions per week.  No classes will be held the week of April 3. Sessions will be held Tuesday and Thursday of each week beginning at 8:30 AM Pacific (US) Time.  Sessions each last approximately 90 minutes.  Recordings of each session are made available to paid attendees within 24 hours of the end of the session.

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